Tajima Beef vs. “Kobe” beef

Tajima Beef, called so because the cattle that produce this special type of beef is raised in the northern parts of Hyogo Prefecture known as Tajima area. These cattle were originally used as work cattle called wagyu. The most well known high grade beef produced in Japan is Kobe beef. What isn’t so well known is that Kobe beef is from the Japanese Black cattle bred in Tajima. Only Tajima cattle born and raised in Hyogo can be labeled Kobe beef. Restaurants that serve real Kobe, aka Tajima, beef are certified and display a small bronze Tajima cow statue, the official seal of authenticity. This beef is renowned as being one of the best because of the fat-marbilization and well balanced fat contents that make the meat especially tender and juicy. A few quick facts: The cattle are fed special organic blended food, they are not given beer, they do no get massaged, they have been pure breed for nearly 100 years, true Tajima/Kobe beef is not exported outside of Japan.

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