Editorial: Why LulzSec is important. But why it had to die.

LulzSec “planned” to stop after 50 Days like The Matrix “planned” to be a trilogy…

Shame on you Jay Maisel! Terrible copyright story of @waxpancake

“The bias of the mainstream media is toward sensationalism, conflict, and laziness.” — Jon Stewart

This is how bubbles start. Yes, color.com is the new boo.com

Dropbox should hire Chief Security Officer legend, change policy to 1000% security. Otherwise in 6 months they’re history

LulzSec teams up with Anonymous for operation Anti-Security

Security: Ars Technica reads through the LulzSec manifesto. Change your passwords

Twitter message travelling in real life across land, thanks to @davidhorvitz #vademecum

Excellent 64yourself app converts your images into Commodore 64 art. Genius!

Gut Bacteria Know Secrets About Your Future – Robert Krulwich

Jon Stewart Mocks CNN for Its GOP Debate Theatrics

Letterbombing – A subversive way to deliver a message anywhere on Facebook

Addic7ed.com – Another free site for TV Shows and Movies subtitles

Subscene – International Subtitles for Films and TV Series