DIY iPhone Stylus

DIY iPhone Stylus "With such an elegant interface that begs to be touched, you might wonder why anyone would bother using a stylus with an iPhone, but there are times when such an implement comes in handy. When you find yourself in such a situation don't bother grabbing your old PDA stylus. You'll need something [...]

Some E-Books Are More Equal Than Others

Some E-Books Are More Equal Than Others The Times published an article explaining that the Orwell books were unauthorized editions that Amazon removed from its Kindle store. However, Amazon said it would not automatically remove purchased copies of Kindle books if a similar situation arose in the future. (tags: web internet business apple news computer [...]

New in Gmail Labs: Calendar and Docs gadgets

New in Gmail Labs: Calendar and Docs gadgets "Today we're launching a few Labs experiments that let you add gadgets to the left-nav, next to Chat and Labels. To get you started, we've worked with the engineers from the Calendar and Docs teams on two highly requested features: a simple way to see your Google [...]

Pimp My Shuffle

Retro Cordless Edition “This is a fun iPod shuffle hack I threw together. It completely eliminates cord clutter! It also doubles as ear warmers, plays music, and gives you a ton of street cred!”

Brian Provinciano’s Grand Theftendo

“Grand Theftendo is a new homebrew game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It is a tribute to Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto III running on the 8 bit, 256×240 resolution, 2 bit colour x 2 bit palette, 1.79 Mhz system, written entirely in 6502 Assembly Language!”

How many PlayStation 2 hardware units have been sold?

And PSOnes for that matter Sony Computer Entertainment has released its updated sales figures for hardware on a global basis, revealing statistics as staggering as they are unsurprising.

GameBoy DS Games Trailer

Nintendo’s website features a very impressive flash-movie showing the first-party DS games:


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