Customize Mac OS X login screen

Visage Login allows you to easily and safely customize your Mac OS X login screen. VISIT LINK: Customize Mac OS X login screen (tags: app apple apps customization desktop free freeware fun graphics gui hack icons hacks interface leopard utilities tool tools themes sysadmin software security osx macosx mac login customize visage …)

iOS Icons Made in Pure CSS

11 iOS icons made in only CSS, no images whatsoever. VISIT LINK: iOS Icons Made in Pure CSS (tags: apple button code css css3 design example examples howto html html5 icon icons images inspiration interaction iphone technique safari webdesign webdev border-radius ios pure webkit …)

MadMen Yourself

MadMen Yourself Because you always wanted to have a Mad Men 60's style (tags: fun funny graphics flash humor advertising tv illustration generator fashion icons icon viral cartoon cartoons men multimedia series avatar amc create mad madmen avatars digital madmenyourself wallpaper …)

Gallery of default anonymity

Gallery of default anonymity What do you look like on the web when you are anonymous. A gallery of blank avatars. (tags: web web2.0 social images logo identity icons anonymous anonymity avatar …) – Apple Macintosh and other 68k Computer – Apple Macintosh and other 68k Computer Here you will find those rare and vintage Computer items you have been looking for. I have collected Apple computers and parts over many years, and now it is time to clean out the shed. I am parting with some rare items of my collection. (tags: software [...]

ZLOK Logo Blog – Logo Design News

ZLOK Logo Blog – Logo Design News A blog about logos and logo design, logotypes and icons, corporate identity and branding in general, with news, links, and whatever is relevant to people who are interested in this type of graphic design. (tags: blog blogs branding design icon icons identity logo logos logotype logotypes news zlok [...]


“Worlds finest selection of logos”

AJAX Activity Indicators

Animated GIFs of spinning wheels and others, to to indicate your site is doing something in the background.

Favicon Gallery

“I love graphic design. At least I love good design when I see it, not that I can actually design myself. And, Im a packrat by nature so a gallery of favicons is a natural thing! Its just amazing what some people can make happen in a square thats just 16 pixels in size.”

BP logo

Landor Associates is the creative firm that designed the new British Petroleum (BP) identity. I love this logo so much.

The Fighting Perverts

Japanese Power Ranger Porn. Hilarious Japanese adult movie chronicling a team of heroes who fight to rid the world of evil naked women who wear ski masks. Although this site does not offer any sexually explicit images or videos for download, it is still intended only for adults. If you are offended by such content [...]

Favourite Favicons

Delta Tango Bravo’s collection of favourite favicons. Favicons are the 16 x 16 pixel icons that are displayed in the location bar of your browser or in your bookmarks. Another good favicon resource at:

FavIcon from Pics

Very simple to use and nicely designed online tool to create your favicon.ico icons (the favicon is the little icon next to the URL, in the browser’s address bar).